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Title Source Institution Page Count Place of Publication Original Publication Date Tags
DOH The Philippine Health System at Glance Department of Health 15 Manila DOH Research Report, Philippine Health System
A Multidimensional approach to child poverty in the Philippines National Statistical Coordination Board 17 Mandaluyong City October 1, 2013
Energy Investment 2013 Department of Energy 52 Manila
Social Assessment of Conflict-Affected Areas in Mindanao World Bank 40 Pasig City March 3, 2003
Estimated Housing needs based on 2010 census of population and housing National Statistical Coordination Board 25 Mandaluyong City October 1, 2013
Department of Health Order No.2011-0188 Department of Health 39 Manila August 3, 2011 DOH Research Report
Department of Energy Resolution No. 134 S-2012 Department of Energy 2 Manila
National Program Support for Basic Education Project World Bank 134 Pasig City May 22, 2006
Metering Standards and Procedures Department of Energy 67 Manila
Billing and Settlements Department of Energy 29 Manila
Department of Health Circular No.2006-0407 Department of Health 3 Manila October 23, 2006 DOH Memorandum
NSCB Calendar of Activities 2011 National Statistical Coordination Board 130 Manila October 1, 2011
Registration Criteria and Procedures Department of Energy 26 Manila
Philippines – Coastal Marine Project (GEF) 6 Pasig City October 22, 1999
Philippines | The Indigeneous Peoples Rights Act : Legal and Institutional Frameworks, Implementation and Challenges World Bank 81 Manila June 1, 2007
DOH A Legacy of Public Health Department of Health 184 Manila Legacy Public Health
Profiles of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Practices of Philippine Mining Firms World Bank 26 Pasig City
NIA Currents Vol. 15 No. 3 2014 National Irrigation Administration 16 Quezon City January 1, 2014
Philippine Economic Update | Accelerating Reforms to Sustain Growth World Bank 55 Pasig City December 1, 2012
Department of Health Behavior Change Communication Strategies for Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy Department of Health 282 Manila January 1, 2012 Behavior Change Communication Strategies, Source Book

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