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Title Source Institution Page Count Place of Publication Original Publication Date Tags
Estimating Variation in the Incidence of Violence Against Women in Region XI National Statistical Coordination Board 15 Mandaluyong City October 1, 2007
Department of Agriculture Special Order No.325 Series of 2012 Department of Agriculture 3 Quezon City March 30, 2012 DA Memorandum
Philippine Disaster Management System: Case of the Oriental Mindoro December 2005 Floods World Bank 9 Pasig City
2008 Power Sector Situationer Department of Energy 8 Manila
Foreign Investments Second Quarter 2014 National Statistical Coordination Board 62 Makati City September 25, 2014
Investment Opportunities in the Energy Sector Department of Energy 32 Manila
Philippines Logistics Study World Bank 143 Pasig City November 1, 2002
Department of Agriculture Bid Bulletin No.1 Series of 2013 Department of Agriculture 4 Quezon City July 1, 2013 DA Memorandum
A Contribution to the Philippine |Country Environmental Analysis World Bank 59 Pasig City November 1, 2008
2008 Philippine Energy Situation Department of Energy 32 Manila
CDD in Post-Conflict and Conflict-Affected | Areas: Experiences from East Asia World Bank 35 University of Oxford July 16, 2010
Mindanao: ARMM Social Fund for Peace and Development World Bank 7 Pasig City July 1, 2002
Competition and Policy and Regulation in Ports and Shipping World Bank 37 Pasig City February 5, 2005
2012 Full Year Official Poverty Statistics National Statistical Coordination Board 75 Quezon City December 9, 2013
2012-2030 PEP-Executive Summary Revised Department of Energy 12 Manila
Department of Health Monthly Report Department of Health 4 Manila Monthly Report, Tables and Data
Department of Health Accomplishment Report Department of Health 6 Manila Accomplishment Report, Tables and Data
Sustainable System of Irrigated Agriculture (SSIA) An Application of System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in the Philippines World Bank 14 Pasig City April 21, 2008
Costing of PhilHealth’s Outpatient Benefit Package Final Draft Department of Health 63 Manila September 29, 2008 Costing of PhilHealth, Final Draft
DOH A Situational Analysis of Health Financing in the Mindanao and ARMM Regions Final Version Department of Health 43 Manila Health Financing, Regions Final Version, Situational Analysis

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