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The Role of Direct and Indirect Channels with a Focus on the Labor Market World Bank 97 Pasig City September 30, 2011
Downstream Oil Industry Department of Energy 2 Manila
Estimation of the geologic mineral reserve of the small scale gold mines in the Philippines National Statistical Coordination Board 21 Manila
Vulnerability, Risk Reduction, and Adaptation to Climate Change World Bank 14 Pasig City April 1, 2011
Department of Agriculture Administrative Order No.07 Series of 2011 Department of Agriculture 3 Manila March 22, 2011 DA Memorandum
Electric Power Industry Reform Act Review Consumer Department of Energy 6 Davao City
Filipino Report Card on Pro-Poor Services World Bank 211 Pasig City May 30, 2001
Department of Agriculture Special Order No.313 Series of 2012 Department of Agriculture 1 Manila April 3, 2012 DA Memorandum
Coal Department of Energy 5 Manila
Power Statistics 2014 Department of Energy 10 Manila
Department of Agriculture Special Order No.495 Series of 2012 Department of Agriculture 2 Manila June 7, 2012
Benefit Diffusion and Linkage Development in the Philippine Tropical Fruits Sector World Bank 71 Davao City
Awarded- Hydropower Department of Energy 12 Manila
Philippine Energy Market Outlook and The Renewable Master Plan Department of Energy 15 Manila December 2, 2010
Moving Out of Poverty in Bukidnon, Philippines World Bank 75 Cagayan de Oro November 30, 2007
Word Bank Quarterly Update World Bank 40 Manila November 1, 2008
Department of Agriculture Special Order 405 Series of 2012 Department of Agriculture 6 Manila May 24, 2012 DA Memorandum
Missionary Electrification Development Plan Department of Energy 28 Manila December 1, 2008
Philippines Environment Monitor 2005 | 6 Challenges in the Future World Bank 6 Pasig City
Hydropower Department of Energy 3 Manila

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