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Philippines: Small Power Utilities Group, Basilan World Bank 2 Pasig City
Department of Agriculture Bid Bulletin No.01 Series of 2016 Department of Agriculture 6 Manila January 14, 2016 DA Memorandum
Fuel Economy Run Results Department of Energy 7 Manila
Human Development for Peace and Prosperity in ARMM 108 Pasig City November 1, 2003
Philippine Energy Plan 2003-2012 Department of Energy 88 Manila
Sub-National Estimates of the Percentage of Health Facility Deliveries in the Philippines National Statistical Coordination Board 10 Manila
Energy Efficiency & Alternative Fuels in the Philippines Department of Energy 27 Davao City November 8, 2011
Department of Agriculture Integrated Environmental and Social Safeguards Framework Department of Agriculture 151 Manila June 5, 2014 Framework, Integrated Environmental
Farmers’ Adoption of Organic Rice Farming in Magsaysay, Davao Del Sur : Factors and Practices National Statistical Coordination Board 15 Mandaluyong City October 1, 2007
Energy Projects and Registration Procedures Department of Energy 40 General Santos City May 13, 2014
Investments in Agribusiness: A Retrospective View of a Development Bank’s Investments in Agribusiness in Africa and East Asia World Bank 64 Pasig City October 15, 2012
2012 PEP IEC (Alternative Fuels) Department of Energy 24 Manila
Factors Affecting Maternal Health Utilization in the Philippines National Statistical Coordination Board 21 Mandaluyong City October 4, 2004
IPO- Power Sector Department of Energy 6 Manila
Community-Driven Development and Social Capital: Designing a Baseline Survey in the Philippines World Bank 8 Pasig City June 1, 2006
Department of Agriculture Special Order No.593 Series of 2012 Department of Agriculture 3 Quezon City August 7, 2012 DA Memorandum
The HURIDOCS-WinEvsys Experience National Statistical Coordination Board 9 Manila
2012 Power Plants Ownership Department of Energy 1 Manila May 1, 2013
Philippines | Mindanao Rural Development Project Phase 2 World Bank 6 Pasig City July 18, 2012
Power Sector Initiated Power Projects Department of Energy 2 Manila

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