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Title Source Institution Page Count Place of Publication Original Publication Date Tags
GREEN BANK Defining Success in Rural Banking and Microfinance Provision Final Report United States Agency for International Development 13 Manila June 20, 2006 Annual Report Banking, Annual Report Microfinance
Science, Technology, Research and Innovation for Development (STRIDE) Annual Report 2015 United States Agency for International Development 71 Manila November 1, 2015 Annual Report Innovation, Annual Report Research
Advancing Philippine Competitiveness (COMPETE) Project Year 1 Annual Report United States Agency for International Development 66 Manila January 23, 2014 Annual Report Competitiveness
Water Security for Resilient Economic Growth and Stability (BE SECURE) Project Quarterly Report 2ND Quarter – October 8, 2013 TO January 7, 2014 United States Agency for International Development 23 Manila February 1, 2013 Monthly Report Resilient Economic Growth, Special Report Stability
Final Performance Evaluation USAID/Philippines’ Microenterprise Access to Banking Services Program – 4 Evaluation United States Agency for International Development 341 Manila April 1, 2013 Manual Guide Final Performance Evaluation, Special Report Banking Services Program
Health Promotion and Communication Project (HealthPRO) Quarterly Report October 2008 – December 2008 United States Agency for International Development 30 Manila Manual/Guide Health Promotion, Special Report Communication Project
Decentralization, Governance and Public Services | The Impact of Institutional Arrangements World Bank 37 Pasig City September 1, 1999
USAID/PHILIPPINES Be Secure Project Environmental Manual United States Agency for International Development 51 Manila January 23, 2015 Manual/Guide Secure Project, Special Report Environmental Manual
Literacy Education in Conflict and Crisis – Affected Contexts Final Report United States Agency for International Development 81 Manila March 1, 2014 Manual/Guide Affected Contexts, Special Report Literacy Education
Impacts of an Early Stage Education Intervention on Students’ Learning Achievement World Bank 38 Pasig City October 1, 2012
Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) in Decentralized Contexts: Comparative Lessons in Local Planning and Fiscal Dimensions World Bank 121 Pasig City
A Case Study of the Forages for Smallholders Project World Bank 56 Brisbane, Australia October 1, 2001
Energy Sector Management Assistance Program | Annual Report 2015 World Bank 130 Pasig City January 1, 2016
Rural Development From Vision to Action? Phase II World Bank 93 Pasig City June 22, 2000
Water Supply and Sanitation in the Philippines | Turning Finance into Services for the Future World Bank 90 Pasig City February 1, 2015
Social Development Notes Community Driven Development No. 136 World Bank 16 Pasig City February 1, 2013
Aid Delivery in Conflict – Affected IDA Countries: the Role of the World Bank World Bank 23 Pasig City November 1, 2004
Incentives in Disaster Risk Management and Humanitarian Response World Bank 20 Pasig City May 1, 2013
Poverty Lines World Bank 27 Pasig City August 8, 2005
CCDP-B Bulletin Issue no.1 JICA, BTC officials sign Minutes of Meeting for the CCDP-B in 2013 Japan International Cooperation Agency 6 Manila December 1, 2014

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